Thoughts behind ouR Project

Principles of Communication: 

  • Language, human language 

  • Verbal & non-Verbal communication e.g. Speech/written communication  

  • Non-verbal: gestures, body language, facial expression 

Written non-verbal: also communicating with font, colours, stationary, emoticons 

  • Verbal: system of sounds and grammar rules


How we communicate now? 

Face to face: 

voice: spoken, on phone calls, skype 

written: text messages, email, post, next to images, social media, 

Seeing: art or design, communicating without using words 


Languages: system, rules, built up similarly 

For example: system of German based languages: German, English, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, … all have the same base – easier to learn and to understand 

Slavic languages – different base  


Time periods: old English (German), middle English (German), new English (German) = over a long time 


New English (German) = also already there for a long time, but language and how we speak is changing very fast and maybe already a new period of language is coming? Maybe in 2045 there will already be a name for this new period? 


Common (everyday life) Language will change between now and 2045! Reasons: globalisation, tools of communication, grammar rules will change because of common language, formal language, some languages will die out, dialects will die out, writing will change: emojis, not that much handwriting anymore, more typing on computer, phone,  

English will be even more connecting due to its growing commonality connected to globalisation. 



How could education change in 2045? 

Maybe no teachers in front of class anymore, more freelancing also in education, traveling will change, bookshops not there anymore, even less book production, everything online, use of material will change, online platforms. 


Will we make group projects like now? 

Now you get the assignment for a group work, instantly somebody of the group will make a whatsapp chat where you can put all the information in. 


Social needs of communication: 

Human beings are social creatures = We are banding into groups i.e.. friends, family, partners. 

Technology is influencing our society and the way we communicate that seems to be moving away from our nature as human beings. That leads to us being more connected through electronic devices but that does not mean that we are more social. (Are our social needs being fulfilled?) 

Human nature: we are social and empathetic. Because of the mass coverage and consumption of current events, we are becoming somewhat desensitized to negative world events. When an attack happens for example people first feel a sense of togetherness to make a change but then it becomes the norm and it makes little to no difference anymore.  


Technology and the development of means of communication also has an affect our human nature that leads to negative effects on us: feeling lonely, being alone more often, feeling depressed, higher rise in burn-outs. 


Through social media and the way we present ourselves we tend more to write and to look on our phones than actually communicate face to face.  

It is good, you can easily put a post on facebook or Instagram, state your opinion, share your thoughts and empower people (but we’re losing the art of listening and reciprocating communication in a constructive way, i.e. having a real conversation that flows both ways) – but how often are we sitting with our phones and just scrolling through media feeds and feel bad and jealous of other people and ourselves. You always just show the best version of yourself on social media.  



Goal: To create a communication tool/ platform unlike usual social media (instagram, facebook) that is used in public space to express private needs and interests. 

Technology in the present world moves people further and further apart from each other. We are too concentrated on electronic devices and often forget our social human needs. Technology is evolving differently to how human nature evolves. Due to that people are more closed in on themselves, cannot talk openly about their problems anymore, feel depressed & lonely. 

They use social media to express themselves and to search for self-expression in other people but often fail because of ideologies that are controlled by society. 

In 2045 it could get to the point where we cannot express anything anymore in front of each other. There could come a time where we celebrate so much of our identity online that there will not be an identity in “real” life anymore. 

What if we can combine our online presence with our real-world presence in a platform that provides us both and where we can stay anonymous but ourselves? Without showing the best side of ourselves? 

Creating an app where a lot of people have access on their phones but to leave it very private (it is not an app you can use every day.) 

It is more a service in the corner of your phone that acts like a little diary and you open it when you have something you want to express and don’t talk very openly about. 

It is like a one-way mirror: you can see everyone standing on the other side of the glass, but they can’t see you. (Design idea as well, critical art piece) Stay anonymous! 

Imagine a one-way mirror, you can see yourself but not whoever is standing on the other side and little letters, words and pictures start to appear on the glass, the person behind the mirror can see you but you cannot see them. 

The idea of sharing personal thoughts, ideas, emotions and experiences when they are anonymous but can see the reactions of people around them. 

The concept is to show thoughts without photos, an official account/ page, just a user name, no feed for private text messages between the users. 

It is the recreation of a normal social situation like talking to somebody on the street. It is not necessarily that everyone can or will join the interaction, but they can hear/see what the people are talking about. 

The platform shall provide people a voice: The user is just able to make a voice recording or a small writing about their personal thought. 


Two functions: 

* Diary situation: Just write your thoughts down. 

* Real life conversation situation: You can listen, you can join. 

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