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// is our one-sided mirror where we can see the world but the world cannot see us. We can speak.

About all our private needs as a intimate self in a poetic way.



a communication platform unlike usual social media that is used in public space to express private needs and interests. 

Technology in the present world moves people further and further apart from each other. We are too concentrated on electronic devices and often forget our social human needs. Technology is evolving differently to how human nature evolves. Due to that people are more closed in on themselves, cannot talk openly about their problems anymore, feel depressed & lonely. 

Unflitered is an app that works like a one-way mirror: you can see everyone standing on the other side of the glass, but they can’t see you.

You can express your emotions as a fragile mind towards the world anonymously.



Listen & Talk

Unfiltered is a place where you can listen to stories, thoughts, opinions and ideas. The app is built up as a sound system. You can communicate with voice recording and writing. Imagine you are writing a song a song: you can write your own lyrics, record your voice and listen to the conversations of other people.


This is a vital element of this app as we hope it would incentivize users to share their thoughts and experiences in a raw and honest way when they cannot be specifically pinpointed. (Hence the exclusion of the ability to share photos)



An App with two functions

A public outwardly presence: The function to scroll through anonymously posted voice and text memos from others and have your voice heard in public space but remain in a comfortable space while your thoughts are being listened to and read by other people. 

A personal individual presence: The function of keeping a vocal memo diary of your thoughts and experiences intended solely for self. 

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