Meaning behind our design



The name “unfiltered” was chosen as a play on the current social media of today. Photos and content are filtered to make the user’s life appear more “socially acceptable” and more desirable. The content that is chosen to be posted is also heavily filtered through a set of criteria that makes the users life into what people want to see and what they want it to be rather than what it necessarily is. 


The logo was designed with the eyes of a face moving away from the face. This was to simply illustrate the idea of anonymity. The app is meant for anonymous voice memos and shows how we do not intend for it to be a visual platform.


The reflective tiles were chosen to show reflection, not only on self or others but to show our idea of what it is about. It is like a one-way mirror. You can see everyone else, but they cannot see you. You are free to share your life and thoughts and experiences without the ability to be the one who shared these. 

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