The Golden Circle



In a world dominated by technology individuals move apart from each other. Already in the present we have struggles to talk to each about our intimate thoughts, loneliness or insecurity towards our own personality.  

It’s questionable how we will act in the future towards each other as individuals in a place that offers only conformity. There is a lot more that has become undesirable to share but are still normal like negative emotions and experiences which are not represented in the current social media sphere. People's real lives should represented in a real three-dimensional way. 

Unfiltered is a place to share emotions. We go back to the beginnings of social media and create conversations and diaries. Unfiltered gives us a voice. It is not the purpose to use it every day. No, it is created for intimate moments, the moments when we are truly ourselves. When we have the feeling that nobody understands us, but we still want to share our feelings. Unfiltered acts like a one-sided mirror: you can see the world, but the world cannot see you. But it is still a place to connect anonymously with individuals. 



But how we can turn this mission of finding an intimate space in an app we can always carry with us and open if we need it? 

Unfiltered has two functions: a diary function and a conversation function. So, you can just use it as a digital diary or really share your thoughts with other people. What makes Unfiltered special is the fact that you can only communicate anonymously. Nobody has a public profile, no private text message area, just a username. AND: you can only communicate via voice recording and writing. Listening to your own and other people’s voice shows even more personality and vulnerability. Users experience such a unique feeling of connection when they feel not understood by anyone else. We are the privacy in the public space without feeling uncomfortable with.  



Unfiltered is an easy tool of communication. Everybody is able to understand it and everybody can use it. It gives people a poetic voice to feel close to each other and to themselves. 

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